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Swedish Backmassge 30 min


A deep massage that will rid you from all muscle-knots and leave you with a better much healthyer back.


Mandorlas classic facial treatment

Welcome to a unique facial treatment that we tailor after your skin's needs.


Includes: Deep cleaning, luxurious enzime-peeling, steam, pore cleaning, mask, skalpmassage, serum and 24h cream.

Products used: Dr.Thomas Roth, Naturative, Gilda Cosmetic, LR, and Kanu Nature.

The ultimate anti-aging treatment is depending on your skin type infused with pure 24k gold mask or mineral rich Irish clay with volcanic ash that re-energizes the look of skin as well as activated carbon that detoxifies and minimizes excess oil.


A treatment for all skin types that both cleans from the depths and reflects the skin's agility, excitement and reduces the appearance of fine lines- Give your skin an excessive glow.


40 minutes 595 kr

60 minutes 790 kr

Add (10 minutes extra) for 99kr


1) Neckmassage & shouldeblades


2) Fotmassage


3) Quickfix Brows: color of the eyebrows + form.





LASH LIFT - Eyelash Bend #lashliftgothenburg # lashliftgöteborg

SAVE TIME WITHOUT mascara! - the result; beautiful, naturally bent fringes!

Are you looking to skip mascara for a while? Try#Lashlift permanent eyelash bending.

The treatment takes 60-70 minutes. The result, beautifully, naturally curved eyelashes lasting up to 8-12 weeks depending on your Lashes.


- Bent lashes lift

- Perfect befor sun and bathing holidays.

- Save time without mascara

Price: 790 kr

Price 899 kr incl. color of lashes.

Add extra treatment for : 99 kr

shape of the brow

color of the brow

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Facial treatment for two persons incl. Jademassage

60 min


Half of the time you will get a classic facial and later you'll get to enjoy a detox for the entire body with jademassages using 50 degrees celsius hot jade-stones. This will give you a better posture as well.


The classical facial includes; deep cleansing, nice peeling, scrub, facial massage, face mask and scalp massage. including serum and appropriate skin cream.


Products: Vegan Naturative, Gilda Cosmetic Kiehl's, Thomas Roth, LR and Kanu Nature.


Price: 60 min 790 kr/ person


Ad extra 20 min treatment for 99 kr!



foot massage

shape of the brow

color of the brows


Combine with a red-lighted shampoo in our solarium with red pipes. 15 min 99kr (word price 130kr)


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