Hair removal

Hair Removal: Stay smooth Longer ...


Unwanted hair growth can be a major problem for both men and womman.


There are several methods for removing hair, called depilation. Some of these methods are: shaving, waxing, hair removal cream, electrical depilers and threading. We concentrate on threading and waxing.






Waxing body hair


Waxing is used to easily remove hair from the body. It is an effective, fast and easy method that can be used for all body parts except the ears and nose. If you grow regularly, the hairs grow slowly and become sparse, thinner and weaker. The method gives a more long-lasting result than normal shaving.


The waxing process is achieved by applying hot wax to the skin and allowed to cool and solidify, it is then removed with a strong jerk pulling hair and hair roots. The hair will be visible again only after about four weeks. Perfect for the holidays!


Whole leg 595 kr


Half is 299 kr




Waxing of arms


Full arm 359 kr

Half arm 199 kr

Underarms 199 kr


Popular for MEN but also woman.


Full Back 595 kr

Only Shoulder and neck 299 kr

Chest 299 kr

Stomach 399 kr

Butt 399 kr


Intimate bikini Waxing


Bikini growth means removing all unwanted hair between the legs!

Choose from: Bikini Beach, Welcome to Brazil and Hollywood. You can read more about these below.


Bikini Beach

"Perfect for the Holiday"


A popular area to wax all year round! We quickly and carefully remove all hairs around your bekini. For a more beautiful look!


Price: 495 kr



Welcome to Brazil


Brazilian waxing means removing hair around the bikini line and the sex area. It has today become one of the most popular and appreciated treatments.


Price: 790 kr


Hollywood wax

"Everybody Comes To Hollywood"


Hollywood waxing means removing all hair, both front and back.

Suitable for both men and women.

Price: 899kr





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