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"Beauty is like art, all you need to learn is how to use a make-up brush & just like riding a bike you'll never forget.”


At Mandorla Stil SPA we want to make people happier, stronger & more confident individuals. Therefore, we offer servic like mini-makeup classes, personal shopping and styling for a party, date or a new job .




Time for a CHANGE?


Is it time to start listening to your inner voice and taking the step? Take care of yourself in a way that benefits both body, soul and above all self-esteem?


Big changes take time and effort and rushing on something can cost you both time and money in the end. Therefore, we can offer a combination of services that suit your budget and goals. We help you take a small step closer to your goals. With inspiration, motivation, experience and knowledge, you can get help on the right track for a happier lifestyle. I strongly believe that it is useful and important for our personal development to encourage ourselves, dare to take risks and to get ourselves out of bed how hard it may be sometimes.


The steps to change need not be particularly great, only the direction is clear. Then it's about taking steps for steps in the same direction towards your desired goal. But anyone who has tried to change something knows that it is not always easy. It's easy to get distracted by feelings and thoughts that make one turn.


Who then hires a Personalized Stylist? Celebrities, athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, bloggers and ordinary people with normal lifestyles can take the help of a personal stylist. "Life is too short to not feel good!"


We work with women and those who want to improve their style raise self-esteem or just try something new!