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Find time for relaxation with SPA, MASSAGE and much more ...


Red light therapy solarium

Stay tan & fresh and all year!

The brand new tanningbed is equipped with the latest REDLIGHT pipes. which stimulates the collagen of the skin and rejuvenates at the same time as for a nice brown color.

Mandorla stil SPA is proud to offer this breakthrough in anti-aging and skin tightening treatment. Red Light Therapy is a clean & pain free method for younger, softer & browning skin, for a fraction of the cost of laser treatments or botox.



Red-light therapy has been around for decades. NASA discovered light therapy to be useful in treating skin tissue growth and surface ulceration. Today, instruments have been developed for mixed face treatments or body treatments that have begun to be used in the beauty industry.

Benefits of red light therapy

The increased cellular activity in skin and tissue results in increased blood circulation, stimulation of collagen production, increased lymphatic activity and stimulation of the body's anti-inflammatory response. At the same time, the skin has a nice brown color.

Finally a tanningbed that doen't age the skin!

Treatment for a person is;

10 minutes: 99 kr

15 minutes: 145 kr

20 miruter: 195kr


For professionals:


Black card: 10 times card, 20 min: 1495kr 7.50 kr/min!!!

Red card: 5 times card, 15 min: 595 kr 7.90kr/ min.

Pink card: 5 times card, 10 min: 395 kr




Mandorlas classic facial treatment

Welcome to a unique facial treatment that we tailor after your skin's needs.


Includes: Deep cleaning, luxurious enzime-peeling, steam, pore cleaning, mask, skalpmassage, serum and 24h cream.

Products used: Dr.Thomas Roth, Naturative, Gilda Cosmetic, LR, and Kanu Nature.

The ultimate anti-aging treatment is depending on your skin type infused with pure 24k gold mask or mineral rich Irish clay with volcanic ash that re-energizes the look of skin as well as activated carbon that detoxifies and minimizes excess oil.


A treatment for all skin types that both cleans from the depths and reflects the skin's agility, excitement and reduces the appearance of fine lines- Give your skin an excessive glow.

30 minutes: 495 kr

40 minutes: 595 kr

60 minutes 790 kr

75 minuses 899 kr

Add (10 minutes extra) for 99kr


1) Neckmassage & shouldeblades


2) Fotmassage


3) Quickfix Brows: color of the eyebrows + form.




Facial Massage

One of our best treatments, where the focus is on draining fluid from the face. A very exciting and relaxing treatment that ends with 5-minute scalp massage.

Products: Kanu Nature proffesional spa products.

20 min 259kr


30 min 359kr ink. mask


Add 10 min extra for 99kr

Face mask and scalp massage (30 min treatment.)


at 5 g card for 1495 SEK (includes face mask and scalp massage)

Anti aging effect, uplifted facial massage 5 times at one to two week intervals.



Coloring and Shape of eyebrows or eyelashes 20-30 min.

By coloring the eyebrows or eyelashes, you highlight all of his face and, above all, his gaze. You look younger and more excited in just a few minutes. The color lasts for four to six weeks.

By shaping the eyebrows, you open your eyes, frame the eye and create an intense look that emphasizes the entire face.

Color & shape of brows Price: 395 kr

Only shape of brows Price: 295 kr

Only color of brows Price: 199kr

Only color of lashes Price: 199kr

Package price: Color and shape of brow + lashes: 495kr

ADD 10 min extra: 99 kr

Foot massage

Face mask incl. scalp massage

Massage of shoulders, neck, shoulder blade

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LASH LIFT - Eyelash Bend #lashliftgothenburg # lashliftgöteborg

SAVE TIME WITHOUT mascara! - the result; beautiful, naturally bent fringes!

Are you looking to skip mascara for a while? Try#Lashlift permanent eyelash bending.

The treatment takes 60-70 minutes. The result, beautifully, naturally curved eyelashes lasting up to 8-12 weeks depending on your Lashes.


- Bent lashes lift

- Perfect befor sun and bathing holidays.

- Save time without mascara

Price: 790 kr

Price 899 kr incl. color of lashes.

Add extra treatment for : 99 kr

shape of the brow

color of the brow

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Facial treatment for two persons incl. Jademassage 50 or 70 min


Half of the time you will get a classic facial and later you'll get to enjoy a detox for the entire body with jademassages using 50 degrees celsius hot jade-stones. This will give you a better posture as well.


The classical facial includes; deep cleansing, nice peeling, scrub, facial massage, face mask and scalp massage. including serum and appropriate skin cream.


Products: Vegan Naturative, Gilda Cosmetic Kiehl's, Thomas Roth, LR and Kanu Nature.


Price: 50 minutes 495 kr per person.

Price: 70 minutes 695 kr per person


Ad extra 10 min treatment for 99 kr!



foot massage

shape of the brow

color of the brows


Combine with a red-lighted shampoo in our solarium with red pipes. 15 min 99kr (word price 130kr)


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